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Toward Complete Manhood

Join THE MEN’S ACADEMY and take part in our Mission to forge males as Beloved Sons, Finished Men, and Royal Priests.

Our 3 Key Podcasts

The Beloved Son

Academy content builds and fosters a man’s identity as a Beloved Son to secure strength and

peace. Steadily moving in Christ, giving glory to God the Father, brings purpose and fulfilment.

The Finished Man

Material includes formation basics for boys to become men, and for young men to reach

greater maturity. Insights for fathers and mentors into deep issues and practical solutions.

The Royal Priest

Programs speak openly about challenges of the ordained and laymen living their priesthood.

We dive deep into various problems within the Church and how to improve them.

Manly Minutes



Director: Dr. Phil Chavez

Combining over 25 years of pastoral ministry and study in Catholic Manhood, Dr. Chavez has spoken internationally over a long period on several vital topics regarding the complete development of men.

Holding a doctorate from the University of the Holy Cross in Rome, he directs The Men’s Academy to clarify core truths about Authentic Manhood so men can thrive in relationships and prosper in their gifts.

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