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  Brothers, my wishes for a formidable and transforming New Year!   The transition from 2020-2021 will prove one of the most important landmarks in the history of the United States. And by extension, worldwide. So much is at stake. The political, social, and religious spheres are all deeply challenged and corrupted. The rot is [...]

Forming for Success or Character

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A father of some young kids left a long message for me this morning. The message says it all. This article really is a (partial) transcription. Here it goes: Caller: “Dr. Chavez, I want to share something with you. Because I think it is important. Maybe, maybe not. I just got a call from my [...]

Mentorship or “Know it All”

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The day after Christmas I received an email from a married man with a young kids disgruntled about the dynamics within his extended family. The brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, in-laws all gathered again this year for their annual Christmas event. But this man began to notice something different—something irritating. “There used to be a bond [...]

Fatherhood, What do You Mean?

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A friend calls me up recently: “My uncle’s sons do not think about fatherhood, it is all about studies, the university and getting a great job…. These young guys are not even thinking about going out with girls.” “When asking these parents about how their kids are doing, it is always about how smart they [...]

Girls on My Son’s Football Team?

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I received an email recently: “My son has been playing football every fall since he was 4. For the past two years, he has been playing tackle football. I have been coaching him at each level for the past five years. This year, surprisingly, will be the first year in all that time that young [...]

Emasculation at the Cost of Life

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Recently another tragic event occurred as a result of an audience that preferred to be entertained instead of step up and help—or rescue! On September 18, 2019, 16- year-old Khaseen Morris was stabbed by young men outside of strip mall in Nassau County, New York before a host of witnesses. This complacent crowd cost a [...]

Fathers and Short-shorts?

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Recently I received the following voice messages: “We have friends who are Christian, very devout in their faith, about what they say and do. They have no clue about modesty. Some of their kids [girls] wear very short shirts, with breasts showing. And these are people fully engaged in Christ.” “I can’t understand why some [...]