MEN 2021: YOUR SUMMONS: Current Events and Firm Directives 1 of 3

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In this first of 3 recordings Dr. Phil Chavez reviews current vital challenges threatening societal freedom and justice. Every man has a summons to understand the realities of his country and must do his part to improve the political order. Learn details of how leadership today is compromised and fails to uphold the common [...]

Young Man’s Challenge to Patriarchy

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In this recording Dr. Phil Chavez presents a compelling case for teen boys to value the role of Patriarch. He explains this manly responsibility should be embraced not only in one’s family, but also as within his Church and community. Adolescent males need to direct themselves to this noble purpose. The ultimate Patriarch is [...]

Sport’s Impact Upon a Boys Formation

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Masculin Genius Institute 2017 With Dan Duddy In this conference Dan Duddy speaks of the developmental influence that sports can have in a young man’s life. He takes us into a locker room of episodes touched by life experiences and the grace of God. Important to proceed from the heart and from humanness in [...]

Vital Identity as a Beloved Son 2 OF 2

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Vital Identity as a Beloved Son Embracing one’s identity as a Beloved Son of God is paramount for sound spiritual navigation. Dr. Phil Chavez presents helpful teachings that enable men to understand Who they are and How they can live in a strong relationship with God their Father. Men can better connect with God’s [...]