Dynamic Faith of a Beloved Son 1 of 2

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In this recording Dr Phil Chavez covers foundational teachings on the spiritual life for men. He presents a helpful orientation for men to understand their mission to be the Salt of the earth and the Light of the world. Also covered are dynamic perspectives on living by Faith and proceeding in the Victory already [...]

Manhood Put to the Test in the Iliad

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Rev. Joseph Levine Listen to the traits of manliness from the great figures in the historic epic of Homer: The Iliad. Fr Joseph Levine presents compelling points from the vivid and concrete descriptions of the lives and actions of such great figures as Hector, Odysseus, Nestor, and others. If we consider well the examples [...]

Priestly Manliness 2 of 2: Legacy Complete in the Savior’s Journey

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In this second presentation Dr. Phil Chavez goes deeper into the dynamics of moving as a Beloved Son, and in the identity of Jesus Christ. He explains that a priest must see his journey as exactly that of Christ’s. A priest will find answers to his mission and legacy if he anchors it in [...]

Priestly Manliness 1 of 2: Strength Encountered in Christ’s Identity

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In this retreat to young priests, Dr. Phil Chavez makes important points of establishing strong masculine identity in the cleric. Taking on the name “Father” presumes that a man is well established first in his identity as a “Son” and “Brother”. Dr. Chavez explains how the foundation as a Beloved Son is integrated humanly [...]