Every Man Must Confront the Cross

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Dr. Phil Chavez of The Men’s Academy (themensacademy.org) gives compelling teachings to the men of the diocese of Austin, Texas about facing the Cross with respect to God, others, and self. As every baptized person assumes the identity of Jesus Christ, so also each has taken on His journey, even His path of the [...]

Encountering that “True Partner”

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In this discussion Dr. Phil Chavez answers questions about finding of a “true partner”. He explains some basics in relationship to be established when bonding with others. Often young men have identity crises that need to be resolved. Before finding the “true” partner, a man must encounter the truth within himself; that is, his [...]

Overcoming Obstacles in Spirituality

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Various personal stories are presented on the topic of spirituality, and Dr. Phil Chavez gives his insights on the challenges mentioned. The first testimony about the struggle to forgive is answered by explaining that God permits offenses oftentimes for our spiritual growth. God shapes us into the men we become through pains, trials, and [...]