PHIL CHAVEZ combines over 25 years of ministry and study behind his ground-breaking work in Christian manhood. He is an international speaker in men’s development and spirituality; and helped launch the 1st International Men’s Meeting in Rome, November 2018, recognized publicly by Pope Francis.

He holds a doctorate from University of the Holy Cross in Rome where his research concentrated on character formation. Earlier he earned a graduate degree in Marriage and Family Studies, as well a graduate degree in Philosophical Anthropology, concentrating on the nature of the human person.

Dr. Chavez communicates core truths about Christian manhood so men can make solid progress in life, work, faith, and in all their relationships. He focuses on the elements of a man’s Mission, Identity, and Journey; and has established 18 pillars of manhood as a basis to understand the complete man.

Many of Dr. Chavez’ videos, audios, and articles are free on The Men’s Academy website and social media platforms. He enjoys photography, camping, kickboxing, and classical music. To help fund his work, he leads small group tours to Italy, enabling exclusive entrances and experiences of private sites.

[email protected]