A father of some young kids left a long message for me this morning. The message says it all. This article really is a (partial) transcription. Here it goes:

Caller: “Dr. Chavez, I want to share something with you. Because I think it is important. Maybe, maybe not. I just got a call from my wife. And something came over her this morning.”

Paraphrasing his wife: “I just want to tell you: I just woke up and I realized. We struggle. Yea, we are a family that struggles. Financially. Every day, trying to figure things out. But I am tired of trying to make extra money. How to do this, and how to do that. I need to embrace the kids more while they are at home. That is why I am home.”

To Her: “That’s right. Let me worry about the money.”

Caller: “She said she is really beginning to realize the importance of what she is offering the kids. Not sure why she has not yet seen it; because that is what I have been about these last few years. And that is what we want. But something really came over her this morning.”

Paraphrasing his wife: “This is something I really want for the kids. I really want to be with them.”

Caller: “The majority of the people around us are sending their kids to school. Going early in the morning to eat. After school they head off into other programs. To get the best education. The best this, the best that. So they are ‘well prepared.’ So they can go into the world and be successful. But that is not what’s important. And this is something I have known for years. And I am glad something was revealed to her this morning. Something maybe I only can understand after much prayer and thinking and dedicating myself more to my faith and family, praying for her more. I am really happy she was able to grasp this. And this is why I want her home. That is why God meant for her to be at home. This is what you have taught me Dr. Phil. What my father has taught me. Everything I have been learning lately.”

“Parents are doing all these things for their kids. Sending them everywhere. And the parents are working hard so they can have a good retirement. And that is good; I am not knocking that. But we can send our kids out there with the best education. And they can become successful. But if we do not build our kids character for who they are, their identity in Christ, their foundation in the natural law, then something is really lost. I want my son to be a leader, protector, and provider.”

“They can become successful, become millionaires. We can work hard so we can pass on a great inheritance. But even with those things they can lose their soul. They can commit suicide. They can still be miserable. They can get into drugs. They can still flounder around. But as I have heard you [Dr. Phil] say: ‘You can be a priest, a pilot or haul trash, — you said something like this — but if you do not have a strong faith in Christ, in your manhood, in your womanhood, in your identity, you can’t have peace.’”

“I told my wife I do not care if my son is working at McDonald’s. But if he has peace in his heart. And he has a good character, and he becomes a leader, protector, and provider, and all that we are teaching him — that is what really matters. He is living for Christ and in Christ, and he is good to go.”

“If we teach our kids these foundations, by the time they are 18 our daughters know that they are women. And when my son becomes a man, he can become successful at whatever he does

He can get a good job, because his identity is strong. Sure he will have his struggles and will have worries, but not as many as the kids who are just pushed into the world.”

“So my point is that when they are 18 and they are men and women, they know they can conquer the world because their foundation is strong. They will eventually become financially taken care of. And that is what we are striving for. I know Scripture says that you cannot give yourself to two Gods, because one will be lacking. If we give everything to our kids to be successful in the world, our kids will lack us. But if we give everything of ourselves to our kids now to form them right, sure we will be financially struggling, but I think that is what’s most important.”

“And this is the opposite of the majority of people that we know. Because it is all about money, and business, and leadership, and becoming successful. Get the kids all set up, so they are financially well off. So they have a retirement. But they are not focusing on the foundation of who they are.”

“So if our kids eventually find themselves at McDonald’s working, or hauling trash or working at the golf course, they are at peace because they know who they are in Christ, and they will have no real worries. Obviously they will have some; but I think you get my point. This is a vision that needs to be shared. The character of our kids is the most important thing.”

“Okay, I realize I said alot here. That’s about it. Thanks for hearing me out. If I can get your feedback that would be great.”