Dr. Phil Chavez

Brothers, it’s pretty clear the state of marriage, the family, and the condition of society continues to decline. And likely, this is for lack of genuine men. We all know this. Men and women both complain: “Where are the real men.” Well, what exactly does that mean? We can look at how history defines a man, what great writers have said. And we can look at strong figures in the Bible. This is a challenging topic because in the modern age we went from one extreme to the other: from the harsh, demanding, inflexible male of the past—to the mild, passive, malleable man of recent decades. Neither extreme is acceptable. Neither works. As men, we are looking for a William Wallace, a Maximus, a George Patton, a George Washington. A man of strength and conviction. A man we can look up to, follow, admire. We expect a real man to possess the qualities and skills necessary to fulfill his duties: at home, in his church, in his community. A complete man has what it takes to fulfill his mission and complete whatever is required of him. What are women saying? The single ladies often complain: “I am tired of weak men.” Women have many opinions about the manly traits they expect or appreciate. But as I see it, deep down, women are looking for sacrificial leaders, strong protectors, and secure providers . If we narrow a man down to two words, I call him: Lion and Lamb. A Lion who is bold, steadfast, brave, daring. And a Lamb who is kind, gentle, compassionate, caring. A true man has the fullness of both. A complete man, at all times, possesses the make-up of a Lion and a Lamb. We are not looking for a 50-50, but a 100-100. Nothing less is acceptable.