Dr Phil Chavez Brothers, as I’ve spoken previously: a man can be summed up in 2 words: Lion & Lamb. As a Lion, a man leads, protects, and provides. He serves this way for all those in his care. He keeps resigned to fulfill his vocation and to stay the course. In the face of opposition he holds his ground. This man is bold and determined. He is aware of his natural manly strengths and does not misuse them. This solid Lion stands up for what he believes, and faces every problem that arises. He’s secure enough to speak his mind and vocalize his objections, especially in the face of opposition. When provoked with threat or danger, he doesn’t retreat. He makes every sacrifice required to accomplish his mission. The manly Lion rises up to protect others in crisis. He confronts injustice and takes special care to protect the innocent. He stands ready to forfeit even his life if he must. And he can take a hit! And so what are the traits of the manly Lamb? This man is courteous and well-mannered. He remains calm in stressful situations. He’s even-tempered when provoked. He exercises patience when dealing with unreasonable people. In the face of confrontation, he keeps his cool. The manly-lamb is kindhearted to everyone. He shows compassion, especially to the vulnerable. He has special consideration for all those under him. He shows mercy for the faults of others and is patient with those in crisis. He validates those who need encouragement and support. A true Lamb uses words calmly. He expresses love freely. He relates kindly. He possesses a stable, interior peace. He keeps humble. And he asks for directions if he needs to! Brothers, become the full Lion and complete Lamb, and you will change the world.