Dr. Phil Chavez


We should think about “Getting Big” today. That is, Getting Big before the issues which face us. I was inspired by this concept explained by Dan Bongino about the assassination attempt on Ronald Regan: March 30, 1981 at the Hilton Hotel in Washington D.C. The president was leaving after speaking to the Building & Construction Workers Union of the AFL-CIO.

Six shots were fired by John Hinkley. Ronald Regan was hit by a bullet that ricocheted off his limo. His press secretary James Brady was struck in head and became paralyzed. And a secret service agent Timothy McCarthy takes a bullet to his side. The difference between McCarthy and everyone around Reagan was that McCarthy “Got Big”. He remains standing and positions his body to Get Big: he spreads his arms and legs, and faces the direction of the oncoming bullets in order to shield the president. McCarthy becomes the target. A real hero.

Hard to train agents to Get Big and not duck or avoid oncoming bullets. Obviously, that is against one’s natural instincts. The Secret Service learned a lot from the video. They use it in training. You can find it online. Take a careful look at it. 

Brothers, before the issues that face us today: will you “Get Big”? Sure, some people already Get Big in their daily struggles, and live heroic lives. But we have serious issues coming at us like gunfire. Will you Get Big in the face of grave concerns fired upon your community? Will you take the oncoming bullets? Or will you take cover, and protect yourself?

Brothers, we need some heroes now. Men who will make themselves the largest targets to take the imminent threats. Will that hero be you? McCarthy became the most famous Secret Service agent alive. But don’t do it for fame. Do it because you have Jesus Christ to protect.